Home Brewing: A DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Craft Beer From Scratch

Home Brewing: A DIY Guide to Creating Your Own Craft Beer from Scratch

by Richard Altman

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Home Brewing: A DIY Guide to Creating Your Own Craft Beer from Scratch is intended as a starting guide to home brewing beer. Beer has been around for hundreds of years, and its very early history was in the homes of beer lovers as they tried to create their own delicious drinks. As time has gone on, the process for making beer has been refined so that it can now be commercially produced, but that has not stopped hobbyists from continuing to make homemade beer just for the fun of it.

Because brewing beer is such a long and scientific process, each step of the way presents the brewer with new options and techniques that can be tweaked any which way to create new styles and flavors. The beauty of the craft beer industry and home brewing is that it allows for plenty of creativity and innovation, which has produced hundreds of different types of beer that all have their own unique flavor. As you get further into home brewing, you too can emulate these styles and maybe someday create your own.

This book begins with a brief history of the craft brewing industry and its impact on home brewing, then goes into detail about how to get started brewing beer within the comforts of your own home. From equipment to ingredients, we have provided full descriptions of everything you need. It is meant as a guide for absolute beginners, so we have gone into detail about what is known as extract home brewing, but even those who are interested in partial mash brewing and all-grain brewing will find a wealth of useful information. Though our step-by-step brewing process is not specific to any one kind of beer, we have also provided a guide to the different styles so that you can modify the steps, as you need. Whether you want to create your own India pale ale or pilsner, we have the answers.

























Home Brewing: A DIY Guide to Creating Your Own Craft Beer from Scratch Richard Altman












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